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Do You Live in Fear or Faith?

The fact is, the majority of the people on this planet live in Fear.  They have fears about money security, fears about the viability of their relationships, and most significantly, fears about themselves and their self-worth.  Does this sound familiar? Here is what I can say for sure.  Everyone has these fears.  The only difference […]

When FEAR comes up on the mat, and in life – Part III

Upon hosting The Body-Spirit Connection, I noticed one theme repeat itself among each of the interviews I conducted: Fear.  Because our on-the-mat experience is merely a reflection of our real life off-the-mat experience, the patterns we notice during our practice are applicable to our every day life, as well.  In Part I of this blog […]

Focusing All Your Power Inward to be Powerful Outward

I attended a yoga class at my old studio here in Hong Kong this morning (it’s so fun to reverse the roles and be a student again!) and my amazing teacher Patrick Creelman said something that truly resonated with me.  His teachings focus heavily on alignment and practicing with intention and intelligence.  In the midst […]