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The Freedom of Discipline

As I drove home from teaching yoga this morning, I stumbled into an unexpected sensation.  Perhaps because of the gentle acoustics on the radio, or the coolness of the air that swept in from the open windows and sunroof, or the tree-lined street down which I drove– I was overcome with a sense of lightness […]

If Tomorrow Were Your Last Day…

Have you thought about that?  How does it make you feel?  I got a very vivid picture of how it would feel upon doing Ana Forrest‘s Death Meditation in her book Fierce Medicine, which I purchased as an audiobook. I was feeling somewhat out of alignment this week, and I knew it because the smallest […]

Ignite Your Flame!

I’ve been encountering SO many people lately who feel discontent about various aspects of their lives.  Everything is great, except for one single aspect.  Work, love, finances…everyone seems to have their own unique weakness.  I’ve noticed, though, a commonality among each situation, despite the highly different people and causes of discontentment.  The common thread is […]