Sometimes, things just don’t work.  You’re out of luck.  Nothing is going your way.  The world is all against you.  So you find yourself grumpy and frustrated.  Sometimes, no matter how nice you are to people, or how hard you try to make things right, it just seems like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill.

Next time you find yourself in this situation…step outside, and take a look at the sky.

What kind of moon is it?

Whether you believe in it or not, think about it or not, notice it or not, that moon is affecting you.  You know how the moon causes the tides, right?  Well guess what, our bodies are composed of up to 65% water, too!  We, too, feel the waxes and wanes of the moon’s phases.

The wise and beautiful Nelly Furtado once said, “I live my life by the moon… If it’s high play it low, if it’s harvest go slow and if it’s full, then go,” (Turn off the Light – Nelly Furtado, 2000).  While she was bringing it to the mainstream, I learned from my first Ashtanga teacher, Neil Barker (a staunch and no-nonsense Brit), to align my yoga practice to the phases of the moon.

When I see a new moon out my window, it means SLOW THE EFF DOWN.  Time to turn inward.  Time to meditate and listen to my intuition.  Time to be quiet.  Time to rest.

When the moon is full, as it will be this coming weekend, it means work on new projects, complete unfinished projects, intensify your yoga or exercise practice, wake up early and have an active day!

You may find that when you start to synchronize your activities with the phases of the moon, things will flow much, much more smoothly.  Resistance is often the universe trying to tell you something.  Stay one step ahead  by tuning into the world around you.  If it’s a new moon and you’re trying to go go go and things are not not not working, try instead to take a few minutes, or a few days, to do less.  To ALLOW yourself to receive the benefits of a beautiful restorative yoga practice, or a little extra sleep, or a movie night with a friend or partner.  If the moon is full and you’re trying to rest, but something feels off, see instead what happens if you up the energy a little and work on a project despite your energy levels.  It’s probably going to be really worth it.

This weekend, the moon is FULL!  It’s also Valentine’s Day.  Make some big plans!  Have fun!  Be with people!  Put yourself out there.  Step out of your shell.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

In what ways can you better align your schedule and routine with the moon phases?  Comment below with your thoughts!

Much love and Namasté!


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