Let’s talk about the BIGGEST question on all of our minds, especially during the holidays.  The question that keeps us up at night, the question that makes it impossible to wake up in the morning–the question that nobody really seems to actually ever know the answer to.  I’m going to say it RIGHT NOW whether you’re ready or not!:

How do I achieve perfect life balance?!

Realistically–how many times a day do you say this to yourself in one form or another?  Maybe it also sounds like, “I ran out of time so I can’t work out tonight like I planned.” or “Feeling a little depleted now–maybe I’ll have chips for dinner instead of making salmon.” or “I had to take my son to soccer and my daughter to her friend’s house and my husband’s shirts to the dry cleaners–so what is this thing you call ‘me time’?!”

Once you get into the habit of the daily drudgery, anything other than this typical routine of yours will sound absolutely alien!

So let’s start from the top.  What even IS life balance?  This is my interpretation:  Balance is the delicate dance of giving and receiving.

Think about how and where this can apply to your life.  Is your give/receive barometer out of whack?  Do you give more than you receive?  Do you receive more than you give?  Perhaps it’s inconsistent in different life areas?  Perhaps it’s totally consistent in each life area?

More likely than not, you give more than you receive.  And here is my simple suggestion for today to make a life-changing difference for you:

Cancel one obligation on your calendar this week.

Just one.  Start small.  And use THAT time to do something wonderful for yourself.  Take a bath.  Sit in meditation.  Journal about your amazing accomplishments of this past year.  Take the time to cook a REALLY delicious healthy meal.  Get a massage.

A friend of mine told me I needed to practice receiving more, and he’s totally right, hence the inspiration for this post.  So how about we take this journey together?  I’ve been spending every evening at the rehabilitation hospital taking care of my father who is recovering from a severe stroke, and today, in light of this important message, I spent the morning with him instead of the evening to be able to go to a beautiful yoga class with my friends and to support one of our other friends who is teaching the class.  I literally haven’t seen my friends in over a month since I stepped into the role of caretaker, and this is an important choice on my behalf that I know EVERYONE (not just me!) will benefit from.

And how about YOU?  Where can you rearrange your schedule to make room for love and joy?  Let me know YOUR action plan in the comments below!

Have a beautiful day and Namasté!


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  1. Harriet Rosen
    Harriet Rosen says:

    Hi Julie! My prayers are with you and your family as you caretake your wonderful Father. It is a sacred undertaking and I bless you all. I did not have a chance as yet to be in St. Louis, however I will contact you ahead of time when I make plans in the future. I do want to tell you how wonderful your beautiful outreach to others has been and I enjoy receiving your communications. I think of you , your Dad, and family as I walk on the ocean trails each day here in Pacific Grove. Also with your background in Marine Biology you may know that I live just down the road from Stanford University’s, Hopkins Marine Station, My partner was a librarian there for awhile. I also enjoy the Monterey Bay Aqarium next door to it. I live in a wonderful outdoor Marine Sanctuary partnered with otters, sea lions, elephant seals, whales (all year round) pelicans, cormorants, rare marine plants,etc.etc……..Always, remembering “just here with the rawness of life…..and remembering to flow as harmony.” With love, Harriet Rosen


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