Hi, I’m Julie

and this is my story.
and this is my story.

I was curled up in a ball crying on the cold bathroom tile floor.

On paper, my life seemed great. But deep down, I felt hopeless, unloved, and off-purpose.

I was following the unspoken rules about what I should do with my life. I got my degree, moved to a big city, had a busy social life and a “great job.”

I was doing what the world told me I needed to be happy, and yet– I wasn’t. I was miserable.

After years of living someone else’s dreams, I hit a wall. I knew I needed a change, but I had no idea how to pick myself up or where to even start.

What I then discovered would change my life forever…

Often our biggest breakthroughs come from our biggest breakdowns… and this is what happened for me.

I was finally ready to receive the gifts the universe had in store for me. I went on journey of self-discovery and self-love, guided by the intuition I gained through the practice of yoga.

I tapped into the infinite possibility of my own body wisdom and began manifesting miracles that I could never have even dreamed of!

  • I made $250,000 from the first stage I’d ever presented on
  • I achieved my first $40,000 month– a reality I never thought I’d see, but which soon became my new ‘normal’!
Most importantly, I found my dharma and was living in true alignment with my purpose.

I realized my soul’s calling was to lead ambitious, heart-centered women to their own higher calling so that they, too, can live a purpose-driven life of abundance, freedom and profound joy. I created a 3-pronged system to help women tap into their true, God-given power and become a Dharma Queen.

Now, I use the wisdom I’ve uncovered to guide women toward their Dharma fully and unapologetically.

  • Reprogram your energetic blueprint
  • Discover and live out your own dharma
  • Create total body, soul, and mind alignment
  • Successfully turn your passion into a profitable, thriving business
  • Manifest more money, time and freedom into your lives
Do you want to manifest more money and miracles into your life so you can live inenergetic alignment, freedom and abundance?

The Dharma Circle Manifesto

What it means to be a Dharma Queen
  • She stands in possibility before everyone else does.
  • She sees something others don’t; she sees greatness.
  • She is focused on the strength of others and is committed to lifting up and empowering others as she empowers herself.
  • She views the future with certainty, clarity, and conviction.
  • She feels the full spectrum of emotions strongly, but these emotions never distract her from her path.
  • She never uses her feelings as an excuse. She feels deeply and focuses on her target like a lioness hunting prey for her cubs.
  • She knows that her purpose extends far beyond her and that her destiny is to lead.
  • She feels urgency. She knows that her queendom needs her and that they need her now.
  • She wears her crown, humbly, understanding that many are called, but not all were chosen. She knows she has been chosen and she is grateful for the calling.
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