5 Biggest Business Mistakes I Made in 2019

Have you ever committed a major business mistake? How did you deal with it?

I know I did quite a few. And I want to give you some inspiration to rocket-boost your 2020. . .


A short-cut to your Prosperity Plan


I am happy and grateful to have hit $800,000 in revenue in 2019 (both “cash-in-the-door” + contracted revenue),

AND, I promise you, if you take notes on what I am about to share, you can create the same results, and you can do it MUCH faster than I did.

You ready?

Here we go!!


Top 5 Biggest Business Mistakes I made in 2019:


Business Mistake #1: Slowing down on Content


In 2018 I made a commitment to myself to do a social media/content post every single day.

That WORKED, for a variety of reasons.

– Increased my organic social engagement, and many clients and customers found me, even if I didn’t spend anything on ads.

– Gave me a ton of practice for copywriting and effective, engaging communication.

– Provided a lot of content for repurposing on a highly frequent basis, so I remained “top of the feed.”

This year was about bolstering the MAYA and Dharma Academy program, AND hiring + training a great team.

Unfortunately, content became an area that “bled.”

It was the right move for my company.

AND if I could do it again, I would open my mind to see the both/and instead of tolerating the either/or

(So obviously, this year will be HUGE for content!!!)


Business Mistake #2: Energy Scarcity


At the beginning of the year, I let drops in my energy affect everyone and everything around me.

The worst part was I “believed” the unsupportive thoughts that went through my mind when I was tired/hungry/hormonal.

In moments, I felt incredibly overwhelmed.

I’m not proud to say that in the worst of the worst moments, I got pretty “blamey”. . . and Matt (my boyfriend) was the one I blamed.

All of this changed in a day, thanks to a powerful conversation with one of my leadership mentors. (Thank GOD for setting yourself up to win with great mentorship!)

One day, I realized that the depletion I felt had nothing at all to do with “those other people.”

I also realized that changing my business model would not actually help, because my business model is amazing.

I came to recognize that the real cause of my resentment was not Matt or anyone else–it was an energy inside of ME!

It dawned on me that there was an opportunity in front of me to jump up my frequency from a scarcity vibration (that I didn’t even know I had!) to a NEW level of Abundance when it came to expanding my energy.

The shift I made after that was small but significant.


When I felt myself contracting into “blame” vibe, I took immediate action to drop back into my heart.  

What this means is, I became rigorous with my “Energy Hacks,” which includes breath work, adjusting my diet, taking the right supplements, prayer, stop-drop-and-yoga, gratitude lists, and perhaps the biggest one of all– VULNERABILITY.

So instead of the old type of “blame” communication, I would STOP and ask myself, “What is the most vulnerable, heart-centered, and feminine thing I can do here?”

And, to be honest, most of the time it just sounded like asking for support.

​​​​​​​And then magically, not only did the energy scarcity and resentment completely go away, but it felt like I cracked the code to creating more energy in my life!

I somehow was able to get more done, see and talk to more people, hire an amazing team, make a bigger difference, create more intimacy in my relationship, AND feel completely peaceful the whole time.


Business Mistake #3: Procrastination/Perfectionism


Procrastination vs perfectionism

One of my most successful product launches this year – “The Wealth Portal” course – was birthed out of a focused, rapid process of preparation.

I designed the course, created the free training which would launch it, wrote all the marketing copy, and even designed all the materials (I don’t recommend this!

But my designer was on leave and I wanted to get it done!).

I did it all within the day I received the inspiration for the course from my Body Wisdom.

(How to receive Wisdom from your Body is what I teach in MAYA, and it’s a big reason why I can work part-time and make nearly 7-fig/year). 

The launch was honestly not designed to make money–the intention, frankly, was to help me practice a particular type of offer I wanted to master; however, the course went on to make $35,000 from a $97 product.

A big distinction between this course and others I’ve launched that didn’t do as well was procrastination and perfectionism.

With the Wealth Portal launch, there was ZERO procrastination.

And this is a major business mistake.

I’ve noticed that in my business, even when delaying a decision or an action feels justified, it almost never serves.  

I can think of many more examples where this was true.

Taking urgent, focused, and IMPERFECT action consistently created great results.

The lesson here is to REMEMBER this the next time I feel the need to make something more “perfect,” or if I feel as though it’s not “ready!”


Business Mistake #4: Giving up on People


One of the top mistakes that I made last year was giving upon people.

Here’s what I mean:

There were moments when I was in conversations with women who were interested in joining MAYA.

(Money Alignment Yoga Academy – my year-long life-changing course that shows ambitious women how to manifest prosperity from their passion and purpose)

And they expressed interest in joining, but then shared a limitation or a reason why they couldn’t such as, 

“I can’t afford it,”

“I don’t have time,”

“my husband would not approve,”

“I’m interested, but I want to wait to sign up next year,”

And in some potential client conversations, I held their hand (so to speak) as they crossed over the line, and enrolled.

Then, they went on to have the most powerful year of their life from what they learned and experienced in MAYA.

Then there were conversations where, somewhere along the way, I let go of their hand.

They fought for their limitation, and I let their fear and limitations win.

I would just say, “I understand.”

But the truth was, I gave up on them.

There are people born into this world into poverty and true limitation, and they really do not have a choice on which direction their life goes.


(For example, Matt and I watched a great movie recently called “Lion” which is a true story about a boy in India who found himself in an impoverished and life-threatening situation and willed his way out and into a great life. 

Check this film out if you haven’t seen it!)

But if you are reading this, you are definitely not one of those people. You were born into privilege and blessing.    

And as T Harv Eker says, “If you have the wherewithal to get rich, it is your duty to get rich.”

This may sound bold, but I believe with every cell in my body that it is your duty and your dharma to grow wealth if you have the desire to.

And every day that you don’t, you are dishonoring those who wish they had half of what you have.

SO, all of that being said, I stopped giving up on people in about Q3 and started getting really real with them.


They all said “yes” to their dreams, to join MAYA, and they 

– started successful businesses, 

– dissolved old dysfunctional business partnerships, 

– created new and powerful partnerships 

– increased their prices and successfully sold $20k/year+ programs,

– hosted their first successful retreats & events, 

– had relationship breakthroughs,

. . .I could go on and on.

But the bottom line is, lives were changed for the good forever. It was a great lesson of impact = income, as my revenue saw a big jump, as well.

Business Mistake #5: Misunderstanding Authority


For a long time, I had a belief that to have Authority, I needed to do certain things and show up a certain way.

​​​​​​​For example, I thought I needed to wake up super early, ATTACK my day with athletics and a cold shower, and then be totally put together by 8 am.

I thought I needed to talk a certain way, watch certain shows and movies, and even listen to certain music!

In 2019, I started experimenting with various things behind-the-scenes and discovered they had an unintentional, but MASSIVE impact on my Authority and Leadership.

I experimented with fasting, no-sugar commitments, prayer & scripture rituals, commitments in my relationship, and how I showed up in my family.

I learned that the way I dressed, the things I said, the music I listened to, and the time I woke up had a lot less to do with what generated Authentic Authority.


There’s a great level of integrity I felt in myself in knowing that – 

– I treat my body with respect through avoiding sugar + doing weekly 36-hour fasts

– I broke generational chains of trauma by healing family relationships

– My word is my bond

– Being right is never more important to me than being in relationship

– I work like it depends on me and pray like it depends on God

– I go to Scripture for most of my answers

– I’ll do whatever is needed for my clients to ensure they get the results they desire

– If one of my best friends calls, I will drop everything to help them.

That type of Integrity gave me more Authority than any other “hack” I tried.

It didn’t matter what I said, what I did, what script I used, or what tactic I tried. . . it all worked because the Authority came from a real place.




I hope these lessons propel you forward as you start 2020!

How about you? What business mistakes have you done last year and what have you learned from them?

I would love to hear from you. Share in the comments section below. 

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Sending you waves of love and dharma sparkles!

Till next time, Dharma Queens!

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