4 steps to Manifest during Difficult Times

There is a way to manifest amid difficult times, especially during this coronavirus outbreak. Here are 4 steps to manifest during this time.

This might be just what you need right now.


The Two Possible Scenarios


steps to manifest - possible scenarios

There are 2 possible scenarios for you on the other side of this pandemic, and one of them may surprise you.


The first possible scenario, I am sad to say, will likely affect the majority of the world’s middle class.


So many people are already experiencing it.


It’s in the form of unemployment, major economic upheaval, and significant financial hardship.


The recovery from this scenario is possible, but it’s a long road.


The second scenario is much more hopeful.

(And if I have anything to do with it, it is what will happen for YOU)


It reveals itself as a surprising opportunity (perhaps different than you anticipated), and very lucrative in its financial yield.


It is a revenue structure that generates leverage, a healthy return on your investment, and allows you to have the time and freedom you desire.


And it likely looks NOTHING like what you expected it would when you dreamed about it.


There is one, ONLY ONE, way you will have access to it.


And that is if you Think Outside the Box.


The thing is, if you try to see it through your old eyes of your old way of thinking, you’ll miss it.


These are new, unprecedented times, and they require new, unprecedented thinking.


I declare right now that you have EVERYTHING you need inside you,

– all the wisdom,

– the knowledge,

– and all the ability,


to create your future in a new way that you have never thought about before.


4 Steps to Manifest


4 steps to manifest


In one of my Dharma Talk Tuesday sessions, we talked about how you should be thinking right now to take control back in your life and set yourself on a new path.


For those who are open to receiving it, there is a major transferring of wealth right now, and some of it wants to come to you.


In this video, I also break down the 4 steps to manifest in this difficult times.


I’ve been using them over the last few months, and because of these steps, AND thinking outside the box,


A new revenue stream literally dropped into my lap LAST WEEK.


You are no different, and this is possible for you, too.


I’m going to say that again:


You are no different, and this is possible for you, too.


Here are the 4 steps to Manifest that I discuss in the video:


When you Think Outside the Box and use the 4 steps to manifest, attracting a new income stream or opportunity becomes EASY.


Step 1: Identify your desire


steps to manifest - desire


Have a specific, clear desire.


What is the goal you want to manifest?


Is it a specific income goal?


How will that make you feel?


Step 2: Feel your desire


steps to manifest - feel


Your feelings are the language of the Universe.


You will attract that which matches how you feel.


Take control of your feelings – You don’t have the luxury of just letting any thoughts and feelings come up for you anymore!

(That does not mean stuff negativity down.


You get to feel it, then be powerful and SHIFT into what you DO want to feel.


You are programming your Energy Blueprint with every passing minute.)


Step 3: Become unshakeable


steps to manifest - unshakeable


Doubt is a natural part of life, and thus the manifesting process.


AND, it’s the #1 Manifesting Blocker.


With practice and consistency, you begin to see that you CAN manifest and raise your Energy SetPoint!


This creates a beautiful cycle of confidence, conviction, and unshakeable belief.


Step 4: Deal with the Naysayers


steps to manifest - naysayers


I know you know what I’m talking about.


All those well-meaning people who plant seeds of doubt, disbelief, and fear in your head.


There is a graceful and compassionate way to handle their unintentional, yet VERY destructive, commentary that respects them and still honors your intention and boundaries.


If you get the importance of this process, and you see yourself coming out the other side of Lockdown in a BETTER position than you were when you went in, you’re going to want to grab Money Manifestation Secrets, where I walk you through a 28-day training process, NOW.


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Testimonies of Real Money Manifesting



This is what the MMS students said about these teachings:


“I barely recognize myself.  My husband frequently asks, ‘who are you?’ because my shifts have been so huge.  I know what I want, and I accept nothing less.  I never used to stand up for myself.  Now, even though sometimes I feel scared, I have the confidence and conviction to call in and communicate exactly what I know I am worthy of.  Since doing this work, I’ve been promoted, I received a raise, I work half as much, and I even enjoyed 2 weeks off work on a beautiful trip to Ireland!  Thank you, Julie!” – Mary


“I had no idea what my business would be, or what I was offering.  I couldn’t even afford to put gas in my car.  After doing this work, I generated $35,000 in one month because I became totally clear on my desire and how specifically to manifest it in.  Now I am in love with what I do, and know-how to manifest consistent, sustainable recurring revenue.” – Chelsea


“I didn’t realize how much I was compromising in my life before studying with Julie.  I also didn’t realize how much power I have within me to create a massive shift, quickly.  When I learned Julie’s manifesting teachings, and started using them, things began to change very rapidly.  Not only did I manifest a new job that suited me better and paid me better, but my relationships also improved, as did my health.  I can’t imagine my life without this now!” – Amber


“Right after taking the MMS course with Julie, I manifested 4 $7,000 pay in full clients, in the span of just 2 weeks!  After that, I went on to have my first 6-figure year–$119,000 in revenue.  I had never made more than $40,000 in the previous years.  MMS WORKS!!” – Heather


“Not only did I receive 3 new dream job offers after taking MMS, but I also started manifesting free coffee every single day!  It feels like a little wink from the Universe.  Now I know it’s got my back, and my old anxieties are gone for good.” – Jessica


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You do not have to be in the first scenario. . . 


I love this course so much. I believe in the principles so deeply.


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You have the power to create the life you’ve always wanted, NOW. 


In dharma and service,


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