Is Dharma Consulting Right for You?

Is Dharma consulting what you’ve been missing in your life? It just might be!

Throughout my business, I’ve helped many people find their Dharma, and it has given them the power to transform their lives and thrive in happiness.

It’s my goal to help you do the same, and that’s what I’m going to help you discover in this post!


What does Dharma mean?


Dharma is your life’s purpose.

It is the calling that God has placed in your heart, and it encompasses all the facets of life that you are called to do.

You are on this planet for a specific reason. You have a certain gift that serves humanity in some way.

And you are meant to make money from the gift that you have.

It’s so important to understand that there’s nothing “selfish” about making money doing what you love.

If you have that belief, take a deep breath and let go of it. It’s only limiting you and holding you back from aligning with your purpose.

Some people know what their Dharma is, and they’ve never had a problem figuring it out. They know that they want to be a professional dancer, entrepreneur, or a doctor.

Other people have no idea what their Dharma is. Because of this, people sometimes tend to believe that it isn’t possible to make money from what they love.

We all have a purpose, and with the right steps, we can uncover what it is. That’s what Dharma consulting helps you do.


What happens when you become aligned with your Dharma?


Okay, so Dharma consulting helps you find your life’s purpose. But what’s the big deal and what does your life look like when you find it?

Good question!

When you find your Dharma, you:

  • Wake up every morning excited to begin your day
  • Only make time for the things you enjoy
  • Make more money while doing less
  • Have the time, energy, and resources to thrive and be healthy
  • Feel aligned, grounded, and flow through life every day
  • Use your gifts to make a positive impact in the world
  • Spend more time with your loved ones
  • Live a joy-filled, freedom-based life on YOUR terms

I know that it might sound too good to be true, but I’m here to tell you that it is REAL and that YOU CAN live the life you desire.

The way that feels good to you is what the world needs from you. The life that you are longing to live is the life that you were born to live.


How to find your Dharma


If you don’t know what your Dharma is, there are two questions that I ask during Dharma consulting that will help you discover it:


1.What could you spend all day doing? What lights you up?


What did you love to do when you were playing as a child? Take the time to think about what made you happy, filled your heart up, and unleashed your creative spirit.

It could be anything from playing with animals to painting!


2. What pisses you off?


If the first question doesn’t give you a hint at what your Dharma is, then think about what makes you mad. If you’re in a conversation and something sparks you to have a strong point of view, that’s a good indicator of what it might be.

It can be something like politics, helping the environment, or stopping human trafficking.

Once you’ve asked yourself those questions, it’s time to take action.


Start with yoga practice!


Practicing yoga helps clear out distracting thoughts that might be getting in the way of you finding your Dharma. It makes you think clearer and helps you connect with your intuition.

Roll out your mat and get in the downward-facing dog position. 



Take deep breaths and run through a couple of sun salutations.

If you need help walking through the steps of downward-facing dog and sun salutations, I go through both of them in this solar plexus yoga video.

When you finish, ask yourself what would make you happy. Start there and let your intuition guide you. 

Trust your intuition. It has all the answers you need!


Is Dharma consulting right for you?


If you still feel like you haven’t discovered your life’s purpose, there’s no need to worry! I would LOVE to help you out even more so that you can live in true alignment with your purpose.

Feel free to join the Dharma Circle or message me on Instagram @thedharmacircle.

Remember: You are divine and worthy of everything you desire.

Have a beautiful day and Namasté.


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